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TNT Performance

Travis Nielson Training and Performance is a program designed to improve and optimize physical performance on and off the court. Athletes and their parents receive education on what is required and expected from them if they wish to achieve the best results possible. Fitness and health is not achieved overnight, but instead is a lifestyle that requires commitment and discipline to attain goals of any magnitude.

There are five components to the program:

  1. General Statistics (takes 1-2 weeks)
    • Initial measurements – height, weight, body fat percentage, arms and legs.
    • Exercise techniques
    • Testing for weights and running
  2. Body Fat Percentage
    • Skin folds done at the end of every month to measure BF%
  3. Nutrition
    • Baseline caloric intake
    • Adjustments of calories based off BF% and weight goals
    • Daily logging of meals and caloric intake
    • Weekly check-ins
    • Weekly adjustments if necessary
  4. Weights
    • A 1-on-1 private once a week with Travis is required (Monday-Wednesday 1-4pm, Monday-Thursday 6-8pm, and all day Sunday)
    • Group fitness is between 6-8 (must be a part of the program to participate; can also be used as 1-on-1 private time)
    • Initially test 5 rep maxes in order to personalize a program based on the individual’s numbers and needs
    • Workouts are 60 minute sessions
  5. Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) and Endurance (END) Training
    • Minimum of 1 30 minute running session before school or Sundays
    • 2 days a week for best results (48 hours rest is required so individual will normally come every other day)
    • Testing conducted for SAQ and END
      • Based off lowest score, the running aspect that needs the most work will be the primary focus for the individual

Cost of the Program: $300 per month

Sign up by contacting Travis Neilson at