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Adult Academy. Advanced players only.

Join our skilled coaches and polish up those strokes, learn game strategy, and be challenged as you would in competition. Expect to be educated on the “ins and outs” of Kansas City tennis, how to get more involved in the game, but most of all, ready yourself for whomever it is you wish to “DEFEAT.”

This is the “black diamond” on the ski trail map, for advanced adults ONLY! That means 4.5 USTA or higher unless Coach Jason approves your 4.0 rating to join. Drills are difficult, and point play is intense and fast. If you are in training for high level USTA or WTT match play in between, or even during season, this is exactly for you.

Adult Academy is a very unique experience for good players. There’s no other program in KC like it!


Sundays 12:30 – 2:00 pm $30.00 per session
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