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How we started

KCUT was established in 2008 by Eric Rand and Elliott McDermed. Their partnership came from a desire to offer high level coaching in a fun, positive, and challenging environment. The name of the program includes United to signify Eric and Elliott’s belief that in order to produce the best results and the best playing experiences you need to have the best players training together. Eric and Elliott strive everyday to make KCUT a transparent, honest, and healthy place for kids and adults to enjoy the game of tennis. Since purchasing the Overland Park Racquet Club, KCUT has teamed up with renowned coaching standouts Anthony Perkins, and Marco Rodriguez, to create a staff that is unmatched anywhere in the region.

Mission statement

KC United Tennis is first and foremost a high performance junior development tennis program. Our main goal is to develop well-rounded student-athletes who are ready to compete at the collegiate level. However, no matter what level you choose to pursue; making your high school team, playing JTT, or just having fun with your friends on the court, KCUT believes that every player deserves high performance coaching when they walk through our doors.

Life skills through tennis

Through a combination of one on one instruction and comprehensive group training, KCUT players and coaches work together for a common goal. We focus on three main priorities with our players: Academics, Athletics, and Sportsmanship. Every graduate of KC United Tennis will possess the skills to work with others, set and attain goals, and meet challenges head on. If we accomplish this, we not only develop great student athletes, but also great students of life.

Unmatched Results

Here are some highlights from former and current KCUT players and coaches:

  • USTA Heart of America District-Organization of the Year 2011
  • USTA Heart of America District-Tournament of the Year 2010, 2012, 2014
  • USTA Heart of America District-Contributor to High Performance 2011, 2015, 2016
  • More than 20 individual and tournament sportsmanship award winners
  • Boys 18’s Clay Court Nationals 4th place singles 2011
  • Girls 16’s Hard Court Nationals 2nd place doubles 2012
  • Boys 18’s Spring National Championships 2nd place doubles 2009
  • ITF Grade 1 Boys 1st place doubles 2009
  • Boys 16’s Easter Bowl 3rd place singles 2010
  • Boys 16’s National Spring Championships 1st place doubles 2010
  • Girls 16’s National Spring Championships 2nd place doubles 2011
  • Tulsa ITF B1 Singles Champion 2016
  • ITF Grade 4 Austin, TX Singles runner up 2015

Our coaches meet with the players and parents 3 times a year to review and adjust player development plans. Tournament schedules, competition rules changes, on and off court training regimens, and the college recruiting process are all part of the consultation that each player receives while at KCUT. Play More Tennis Through our track record of success we believe that a player past the age of 12 should be training 20 hours a week in order to be successful on the national stage. KCUT provides a total of 24 hours a week of structured on and off court training. In addition, players can schedule private or semi-private lessons with their coach. We offer match play opportunities at least once a month for our KCUT players through Universal Tennis Rating (UTR). All the results from our Match Play Series are entered into the UTR system.

Training Off Court

We believe there are 3 ways to improve a players’ skill; more match play, more stroke repetitions, and more physio. Players make time to hit the gym and get stronger to improve their movement and play on the court to get to the next level.

Parents of players who take part in KCUT can expect quarterly progress meetings, tournament support, collegiate support where necessary, and much more. To discuss placement and review pricing, please contact Anthony Perkins at 913-642-6880.

More Missouri Valley Section tournament titles than any program since 2008. More players recruited to play college tennis than any other program since 2008. On average half of the players currently training at KCUT are qualifying for and playing ITF’s and USTA National and professional tournaments. KCUT players have achieved over 50 combined National Titles and Runner Ups.

Missouri Valley Section Event Accomplishments:

  • More than 200 Singles and Doubles titles
  • More than 90 Singles and Doubles Runner ups

College Tennis players that graduated from KCUT since 2008:

  • Travis Neilson, Indiana University
  • Chris Cha, U. of Michigan
  • Jennifer Dien, U. of Southern Illinois
  • Ali Patterson, Drake University
  • Ally Majercik, U. of Iowa
  • Grant Fleming, U. of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Caroline Lockwood, Gynnett-Mercy
  • Teddy Fitzgibbons, Middlebury College
  • Chris Somers, Tulane
  • Tommy Aliber, U. of Indiana
  • Megan Matter, U. of Indiana
  • Ross Guignon, U. of Illinois
  • Ashley Tiefel, U. of Colorado
  • Madison Rhyner, U. of Missouri
  • Mollie Cooper, Colorado State
  • Kylie Hornbeck, Trinity College, TX
  • Courtney Mccray, Davidson
  • Will Welte, Richmond
  • Louie Stuerke, Case Western
  • John Rodgers, Missouri-Kansas City
  • Lynzee Buenger, Midwestern State
  • Joseph Monaldo, Villanova
  • Alecia Kauss, U. of Indiana
  • Sam Wells, Creighton
  • Jackson Bean, Denison College
  • Brydie O’Connor, The George Washington University
  • Vin Pham, U. of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Jake Glazer, Creighton University
  • Lauren Allison, U. of Central Oklahoma
  • Brooks Kendall, U. of Missouri-Kansas City
  • March Zheng, Washington and Lee
  • Max Katcher, Christopher Newport
  • Tess Herder, Drake
  • Adrienne Jensen, Drake
  • Olivia Sneed, Ohio State
  • Katherine Cao, Memphis
  • Josephine Cao, Memphis
  • Jaci Cochrane, Rutgers
  • Grace Shaffer, Purdue
  • Meghan King, Wofford
  • Alexa Tiefel, Coastal Carolina
  • Aidan Epstein, Providence
  • Jack Santilli, Cleveland State
  • Thompson Tong, Collin County
  • Alex Brown, Illinois
  • Brady Draheim, Oklahoma State
  • Yas Mylavarapu, Midwestern State
  • Gretchen Cooper, Midland University
  • Madeline Doherty, Northern Colorado
  • Tamara Horton, Indiana University Southeast
  • Will Grier, Case Western Reserve
  • Cutter Sanders, William Jewel College
  • Josh Bortnick, Arkansas